Look for your birds and see the good in the now!


We recently moved into a new house…in a new state.  Like three weeks ago recently!  And oh, how I love new beginnings.  I’m adoring finding new places to see and shop, new friends to do life with, and especially the new, country views outside my windows.

I’m a country girl at heart.  I’d take the sounds of nature over city noise any day.  One of my favorite things about our new home is the location.  Rolling hills, quaint stone bridges over bubbling streams, herds of deer running wild – I’m in heaven.  And oh, the birds!  Cardinals, blue birds, you name it!  I spotted them as soon as the first moving box entered the house.  I had tried in vain in our last home to coax birds to nibble at my humble feeders, but to no avail.  Now, surely I could be a bird magnet, just like Snow White. (I have an illogical desire to have birds land on my outstretched arms as I sing, ok?  Just go with it.  Lol :0)    

Our new country home

Our new country home

And then…I met the neighbors.  Yes, we do have them, also.  We met them when they left a letter in our mailbox asking us to turn off our garage and outside lights at night so they could look out their window comfortably – with a “welcome to the neighborhood” thrown in.  Wow.  After claiming the love of Jesus over this, we met again, where I commented how I loved the birds in the area.  With wide-eyes, my new friends told me of their backyard bird oasis – THEIR backyard.  Hmmm…

Yes, I’m getting to the point.  After this meeting, all my birds DISAPPEARED.  EERILY.  GONE  - to the neighbor’s yard.  Dashed were my ‘Snow White’ dreams.  What had I done?  Did I not switch off the lights fast enough?  Or was my bird seed suddenly unappealing?  My dreams crushed, I did what any self-respecting woman would do…I whined to my husband.  ☺


My husband, the man who spits out fabulous song lyrics like a shopping list.  The man whose voice rivals the “Rat Pack.”  The man – who apparently yields wise advice, even before coffee. Noticing I was solemnly gazing out the kitchen window at the neighbor’s yard, he sweetly noted, “If you only look in the neighbor’s yard, then that’s all you will see.  We have windows in other places.  Look for your birds.”

So grudgingly, I did.  And low and behold, they had returned!!!  Not as many, mind you, but a start.  Apparently neighborly love runs true after all, and I can again practice my Disney Princess solo for the fluttering choir.

One of "my birds!"

One of "my birds!"


But this goes deeper than birds on a branch.  God pierced me (once again) with this truth – you see what you look for.  If you only look in the past, then you will miss today’s blessings.  If you look for the bad, you will find it.  If you look for sadness, or bitterness, or even the future, you will miss the GOOD OF THE NOW.  You have other “windows”, too.  Windows of gratitude, of joy, of new beginnings, of promises, of now.  


So take this away with you.  Only you can choose the window you look through.  What you choose is what you see!   See the good.  See the now.  

And make sure you feed the birds!!!  ;0)


Love and light to you all,

Lisa McCoy