Michelangelo and the year's end

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As a lover of art and art history, the famous masters of old really resonate with me.  I love to study how they worked, how they went about life, how they got inspiration.  One of my favorite artists to study is Michelangelo.  I have had the great honor of traveling to Italy and seeing many of his works in person – one of the most breathtaking adventures of my life.  Besides his David and Sistine Chapel works, however, one of my favorite things about Michelangelo is his attitude.  In fact, one of his quotes about art has had a profound impact on me.  When speaking about one of his sculptures he said…



“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”



Have you ever felt like a hunk of stone, lifeless and useless?  I have so many times.  No beauty, no glimmer…just cold and silent…and seemingly worthless besides holding down the soil beneath me.  BUT…inside each of us God has placed a glorious individual of great worth.  Life may have caked us with mud, debris, and all things unlovely, but God only sees the angel inside the stone.  And He is a master at removing whatever needs to be chipped away to let that angel breathe again.  It may be relationships, habits, dead end roads, lack of direction, lack of self-esteem – it doesn’t matter.  The chisel is sharpened and ready to remove all that doesn’t belong.  And we ALL have plenty to chip, my friend. ALL of us!



The closing of a year is a traditional time of letting go of the old and grasping toward the new.  Close your eyes and envision the masterpiece inside of you, just waiting to be free.  Think of how good it would feel to let those things clinging to you fall away in a shower of dust.  You are worth it. Pick up your chisel, partner with the Master artisan, and be free…

May all things glorious be yours,