Reframing the Painful Memories

This week, and in the many tinsel-filled weeks to come, we will no doubt be bombarded with social media posts regarding “What I am Thankful for…”  Among the traditional mentions will be family, food, friends, and the like.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  These are ALL blessings totally deserving of our gratitude!  But…this is the easy list – the ones that roll off the tongue and onto Facebook with an appropriate picture and accolades galore.  We all agree…these are among the greats.  BUT…what if we chose this season to be thankful for our heartbreaks, our mistakes, our dead-end roads, shortcomings, and deep hurts.  What if we made a conscious decision to be devastated by them, but choose to be thankful for something good that came later when the smoke of emotional devastation cleared?  Just like it’s easy to love your friends, but harder to love your enemies, this decision would be a little like eating sandpaper.  But just imagine the healing, the freedom that would be gained.  Nothing begins the season of “peace on earth” any better than peace within.  I tell you what!  I’ll start us out. 



1. I am devastated that I no longer have my oldest daughter with me, but I am thankful for my amazing memories of her God sends me every day. 

2. I am heartbroken that I no longer live close to my mother on holidays, but I am thankful for my beautiful relationship I have with her and how we make a concentrated effort to see each other as often as we can.


3. I am saddened that my daughter had to have surgery the week of Thanksgiving, but I am thankful she is feeling better and getting the attention she deserves and needs.

4. I am sad that my fibromyalgia sometimes makes me very tired at get –togethers, but I am thankful I have a good medicine and yoga to help me be the best I can be.


5. I am grieving not seeing my grandmother and all my family gathered in her house on Christmas, especially now that I have remarried and I have so much to share with her, but I am thankful for all the ways she poured herself into my life and her traditions I can pass on to my daughter.


Now see, that wasn’t so bad!  Salt, pepper, and grace helped that sandpaper along.  Lol

Your turn, should you decide to try!  Feel free to use the same pattern I did…I am (blank)…., but I am thankful for (blank.)

Let’s decide to only let Santa carry baggage into this holiday!  Reframe your hurts with some kind of life-giving truth.  Claim your peace.  It feels amazing, my friends.


Much love and peace to you,