Welcome to my blog, “Me, too!” 

I feel a bit of a disclaimer needs to be added here before you read further. If you have chosen this blog to glean pearls of wisdom from a perfect woman with all her ducks in a row, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER! Ha! You are reading the mental ponderings and life lessons of an imperfect woman who hopes to offer wisdom she has gleaned while chasing said ducks around in circles with her hair on fire!!  In my past beautiful, albeit “colorful” 44 years on planet earth, I have been facedown in the mud with those ducks more times than I care to admit. 

Which brings me to my next introduction – my signature lotus logo.  Why a lotus you ask?  (if you didn’t ask, just smile and play along…)  If one can have a “spirit animal,” I believe I have a “spirit plant.” The lotus is an amazing flower because it has mastered the art of perseverance and beauty through the muck and mire of life’s often struggling circumstances. The lotus flower has to rise through muddy, murky water to bloom – a huge contrast to its delicate and divine appearance. Once it has permeated this murky ceiling, it boldly unfolds its petals as if peeling back its layers to reveal its soul. I’ve known my share of mud, just as you have, I am certain. This is what binds us as kindred spirits, you and I – our stories. That is what my vision of “Me, too!” is all about. I will be sharing from my heart and my pain, and I invite you to do the same. This is a journey we will take together.  We will grasp hands and rise up through the muck and mire as comrades in arms. Together we WILL bloom.

My Girls

My Girls

Just to start us out on this heart journey, I’d like to share a bit about how I arrived at this keyboard “talking” to you at this late hour. Nine years ago, on an afternoon like any other, my family and I were hit head on by another vehicle who entered our lane…going 103mph. My husband (at the time) was driving, I was in the passenger seat, and my two daughters were in the back. My oldest daughter was killed instantly – and horrifically.  My husband died later at a local hospital. My youngest daughter was care-flighted to a children’s hospital hours away, and I was in surgery and ICU – not knowing who was alive and who was not. From my hospital room I planned a double funeral for my husband and daughter. I laid in a hospital bed and chose her casket – a thing no mother should ever have to do. Nine days later, I sat in front of that casket in a church full of broken people. In one swift blow, I lost everything I held dear in life except my youngest child. 

My husband was a pastor, so I felt I couldn’t go back to our church without him. I moved from our rented house into my mother’s home. No church, no house, no vehicle (it was totally crushed), no job (I resigned as a teacher due to injuries and trauma), no husband. I had “widow” and “single mother” stamped on my forehead and enough pain to crush me like an ant under foot. BUT GOD…ever notice that all the really great sentences in the Bible begin with that phrase?  BUT GOD gave me hope. BUT GOD held me close. BUT GOD provided for me and healed my wounds. I would have bet money that I would have drifted quietly into madness, BUT GOD had a better plan. Every day, my blossom pushed a little higher toward the sunshine. The mud was strong, BUT GOD was stronger. Then one day, in spite of my weakness, the mud dripped away, and there was the light again. 

My journey isn’t all rainbows now, and it never will be.  But as they say, no mud, no lotus. This is just a glimpse into my heart…of course, there is always more to say.  All things in time. Welcome to my blog and into my world. Jump in the mud with me. Let’s grow together.

Blessings and Namaste,