I'm a girl who loves a good fairy tale


I’m a girl who loves a good fairy tale.  The more magical, the better!  I spent many a childhood afternoon pretending to be Rapunzel in her tower by hanging my hair off the back of the couch, or acting out the classic Cinderella scene of the famous lost slipper!   The role of the glass slipper, however, was played by one of my mother’s heels.  (Shhh…don’t tell!)   One thing that really irks me about fairy tales, however, is the predictable ending.   I bet you are saying it in your head right now, aren’t you?!  “AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER”…blah, blah, blah.   So, they made it through ONE conflict in their lives (as all stories have one) and then on to Utopia, I gather?!   That is the part of the story where they lose me.  I’ve had HUGE blessings in my life, I assure you.  BUT…more than one dark day.  So, I propose a rewrite.   Let’s put it all in perspective…

Life is what you make it.  I’ve already shared a few of my heartbreaks with you, so I feel I can speak with a measure of authority on this point.  Conflicts will come, struggles will find us all, but it is ultimately how we handle those moments that define the emotional barometer of our lives.  Joy is a choice.  Faith is a choice.  Peace and balance, they are all up to us to cling to or abandon. 



I remember how angry I was that the sunrise came up the day after my daughter died.  How could it?  The light of my life was gone, brutally taken from me.  THEN it even had the audacity to snow…in EAST TEXAS, mind you, a few weeks later!  She would have loved seeing those gorgeous flakes dance gracefully to the ground.  I hated them, every last one of them.  BUT, I made a conscious decision to forgive and allow myself to enjoy the sunrise again.  After all, she is with its MAKER! She probably has the best view by far!  She would want me to embrace the changing seasons, experience joy, and laughter…and love. For those are what make up a REAL “happily ever after.”


I don’t know what season of life this blog post finds you in, but I plead with you, embrace your now.   Let pain go, and find YOUR “happily ever after” in each and every moment.  They all hold beauty.  They all can be beautiful.  We see what we choose to see.  See the wonder…

With much love,