Me, too


This time of year, with the crisp morning air and the induction of pumpkin spice to the taste buds once again, I begin to think of my younger years.  Nostalgia for trick or treating and pumpkin carving wrap around my mind like a favorite old sweater.  And what is October without the annual watching of my favorite “scary movie,” The Wizard of Oz.  Although Toto pulled at my heart strings along with that adorable cowardly lion, there is a green face and flying monkeys that loom large in my memories.  When the witch cackled, I shivered.  When the flying monkeys were set loose, I hid under my blanket.  Why?  Because I felt POWERLESS.  I felt small and weak and helpless to her threats and taunts.  I wish that was the only incident in my life where I had those feelings, but it was not….


BUT…the BEST part of the movie was when the beautiful good witch (with her enchanting voice and bubbly entry!) told Dorothy that she had POWER INSIDE HER all along, and the power lie in her using her VOICE, and some insanely sparkly ruby red slippers.  I clicked my heels together many times after seeing that scene, but alas, sneakers with mud on the sole don’t do the trick. What does give us our power is our VOICE. We may have been overtaken and hurt, but we can rise together in unison and break the silence our monsters hoped we’d keep.  After all, "…you’ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.” 

Power in Unity

Power in Voices

Power in Sharing

Power in Awareness

Power in Acknowledgment

Power in Ending Shame

Power in SHE!


I stand with you, my sisters,


Lisa McCoy